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Naked Espresso in Newtown is run by the same people as Basil Pizza. That is to say, Naked Espresso is Basil Pizza, at least during the day on Saturday and Sunday, where the tiny pizza restaurant becomes an all vegan breakfast bar. I’ve been itching to try their pancakes but every time we wander up […]

For my work’s Christmas party, we went for dinner at tres swanky Hugos in Manly. This is the home of The Beautiful People. It was hard not to feel slightly self-conscious walking in. The place was packed, and everyone looked like a model, was sipping champagne (and I don’t mean sparkling wine, I mean champagne) […]

So, back after another few days hiatus. I can’t help feeling it was slightly ridiculous trying to start this before Christmas. The idea was to avoid it becoming wrapped up in ‘New Year’s Resolution’ territory, because let’s face it – they never happen. What can I say? I’ll do my best and when I become […]