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I saw two bikini-clad girls on the way to work, covered from head to toe in ‘I love Nova 93.7’ in felt-tip. Surely there are better ways to announce this? It was by no means appropriate bikini weather this morning. I wonder what Nova were giving them to do it. I very much doubt any […]

The second of today’s pumpkin based meals was a marked improvement on my first attempt. It still didn’t really look anything like the photo with the original recipe, but it was much less sticky than last time. The texture was firmer, too. So, here it is: Pumpkin gnocchi with tomato and olive sauce Gnocchi: 1 […]

Yesterday I didn’t get dressed until around four. There didn’t really seem to be any point. Dan and I spent the best part of the day under blankets on the sofa, watching Daria. It was a bit disconcerting being able to see my breath inside. I can’t wait for winter to be over. Today was […]