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So, detoxing is has been up and down. I’ve followed the Raw Divas thing to a degree, but some things have been impossible. First, I can’t eat before six. I rarely get home before six, and I refuse to eat three meals per day at my desk. Second, this detox includes a whole lot of […]

Christmas was pretty intense in the food department. No, I didn’t blog any of it. Yes, I wish I had because I write everything on scraps of paper that I then seem to lose. But, never mind. After the end-of-the-year blowout I thought a detox would be a good idea. Promising to stop/start/do more/do less/be […]

After watching mot of the people in my office go crazy over chocolate dinosaur cake on Friday, I decided I needed to get my own chocolate fix. I’ve been on the lookout for a decent vegan brownie recipe for a while, but so far, the search has yielded nothing special. I attempted to adapt this […]

Derby day


Another slight hiatus but with good cause I promise! Things have been crazy with moving and uni and work. As far as I recall I’ve stayed true to salad September. I actually scored some beautiful organic spinach from Newtown market today. Just leaving the Sydney roller derby Rocky Horror show. As usual, the girls did […]

Salad September


Spring has arrived! So, in its honour (and to make up for my lack of green in recent weeks) I will be celebrating Salad September. The premise: one meal per day will be a salad meal, and no, green smoothies do not count. I’m pretty excited. I love a good salad and it’s been so […]

Invention test


Last night I had a fridge full of leftover vegetables and not a clue what to do with them. So, in true Masterchef style, I began my very own invention test. I use the term ‘invention’ loosely. On a normal day I’ll start planning dinner shortly after breakfast, so suddenly finding myself in the kitchen […]

I’ve been having major issues trying to blog over the last couple of weeks. For some reason our crappy internet now refuses to even load WordPress, so I’m reduced to blogging on the sly at work. I can’t wait any longer! Despite the fact it’s been about two weeks since I last posted, nothing of […]