Raw Divas Detox – a round-up


So, detoxing is has been up and down. I’ve followed the Raw Divas thing to a degree, but some things have been impossible. First, I can’t eat before six. I rarely get home before six, and I refuse to eat three meals per day at my desk.

Second, this detox includes a whole lot of fruit, and for me, I think it’s too much. I spent most of yesterday feeling dizzy. Every time I stood up my head started spinning. Not really a long term solution to anything!

Fruity breakfast

Fruity breakfast. That's four nectarines. Unsustainable, but yummy.

I guess you could say I’ve cheated a bit because not everything I’ve eaten has been raw. I’ve steamed pumpkin and baked a sweet potato yesterday. Do I feel guilty? Nope. I don’t think I’ve ruined my detox, and while I have followed every step of the Raw Divas Detox, I still feel as though I’ve done my body some good.

Dinner for two on Saturday

Dinner for two on Saturday

I’ve eaten nothing processed in the last four days. No alcohol, no fat, and I’ve drank my bodyweight in water. And now I feel good, but I think listening to my body has been important. I feel like my appetite has been reset. I’ve also tried some great new smoothies, although I still prefer a green smoothie for breakfast over lunch.

I haven’t given up on the detox, but I’m doing it my way from now on.

Butternut pumpkin soup

Butternut pumpkin soup with sprouts and snowpeas. Had to eat it in front of the fan, but it was still more inspiring than yet another green smoothie.


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