Raw Divas detox – day one


Christmas was pretty intense in the food department. No, I didn’t blog any of it. Yes, I wish I had because I write everything on scraps of paper that I then seem to lose.

But, never mind. After the end-of-the-year blowout I thought a detox would be a good idea. Promising to stop/start/do more/do less/be better on New Year’s Day seems like a waste of time to me. You’re setting yourself up for failure. The pressure! So, I decided to start my detox last night.

The detox I’m semi-following is the Raw Divas Detox. I say semi-following because I was looking over it earlier and there’s a whole load of affirmations and counting my daily squats and other crap it seems to be suggesting. No thank you. I’m doing it for the food.

It’s a seven day raw food detox, which I think is a good amount of time. I can’t imagine you can detox much in 24-hours, but I’m not about to sign up for a three month expedition. So, after a last supper of, frankly, underwhelming, Indian last night, I started my first day – a 24-hour water fast.

Weirdly, I hardly felt hungry at all today. Maybe it was because I was so busy. Maybe because I drank my bodyweight in water, or maybe because I just wasn’t hungry. Having said that, I did feel it. I felt like I was in a haze all day. As the afternoon wore on my concentration was getting sketchy and I felt exhausted.

The good news is that I knew once I got home I could eat. The fast goes from dinner to dinner, so there’s not a day when you don’t eat. I had a huuuuuuuge box of pineapple, and afterwards, I was satisfied. So far, so good.

I’m going to mix things up a bit tomorrow. Not sure I can manage a spin class on an empty stomach, so I’m going to be having my usual banana. Then I’ll have my mono-fruit breakfast. It’s going to be odd having a green smoothie for lunch!


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