The day I followed a recipe. Almost.


After watching mot of the people in my office go crazy over chocolate dinosaur cake on Friday, I decided I needed to get my own chocolate fix. I’ve been on the lookout for a decent vegan brownie recipe for a while, but so far, the search has yielded nothing special.

I attempted to adapt this recipe a few weeks ago, (I made chocolate Cointreau brownies) but despite the words of approval from those who ate them, there was something that just wasn’t quite right about them. So, I decided to try following a recipe from beginning to end, to see whether I could create, as the name suggested, “the ultimate vegan brownies”.


Before being baked into oblivion. The batter was pretty good at this stage.

They weren’t amazing. They seemed quite dry, although this could be because I cooked them for too long. Using an electric oven seems to mean having to learn to cook again. I think I’ve just about figured out how long I can roast veggies in there, but nothing I’ve baked seems to have emerged unscathed/unburnt.

I did add half a cup of walnuts at the end, and ignored the instruction to let them cool first. They did crack. I think I’m going to persevere with the blondie adaptation. There will be chocolate Cointreau brownies this Christmas!


One Response to “The day I followed a recipe. Almost.”

  1. So what’s the verdict on this ultimate Vegan brownies? And whatever happened to the Pumpkin cheesecakepie….

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